The Natural History Museum in Bolungarvik was formally opened in may 1998, the museum was also the first of its kind in the Westfjords.

The display room is over 300 m2. There is a big conference room at the museum that makes it easier to greet groups. The museum and the Natural History Institute of the Westfjords are in the same building and are connected, but the Natural Institute is in charge of the daily business of the museum.

The museum is dedicated to Steinn Emilsson, a geologist that was for a long time the principal of the elementary school in Bolungarvik. His rock collection is the biggest part of the rock display of the museum.

There are a lot of mammals and birds at the museum. When entering the museum you get greeted by a hooded seal and not far from him is the polar bear surrounded by seal, fox and mink.



In the summer 2020 will the Natural History Museum be closed 


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